I’m sleeping on the couch tonight with abby next to me (and noel on top of me) because abby has been crying/whining since we got home from the vet.

for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram, and therefore don’t know, abby had a small mast cell tumor removed this morning. it was cancerous, so it was sent off to the lab to see what grade it is. the vet said it will more than likely be low grade, she’ll be fine, and the cancer was removed, but there’s still a chance it could be the opposite of that. of course I’m keeping my head up for abby, bc she always has for me when I’ve needed it, but she’s my best friend and lil babe so of course I’m worried.

anyway, I finally got her to fall asleep from patting her butt like a literal baby. she’s so cute it’s crazy. I love her more than I could ever explain.

keep her in your thoughts n prayers if u do that. we’d appreciate it. :-*

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Vegan Pumpkin Brownie Round Up

Fudgy Pumpkin Brownies (GF/6 ingredients)

Vegan Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Brownies (GF/SF)

Pumpkin Brownies (2 ingredients)

Pumpkin Pie Brownie

Pumpkin Pie Brownie ‘Cupcakes’

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Brownies

Vegan Pumpkin Brownie Bars (GF/SF)

Vegan Pumpkin Brownies

Vegan Pumpkin Brownies (GF)

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date someone who uses their turn signal

"Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie."

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growin out the locks again


growin out the locks again

my day 9/19/14


Just two baby monkeys hugging.
(Kathmandu, Nepal)


Just two baby monkeys hugging.

(Kathmandu, Nepal)